Zach and Carly

What a charmer Zach is!
anyone who meets this boy falls in love, he demands that you do!
a very affectionate love bug of a boy who would love to share his time with you. Hes great with other cats and dogs as well...
He is bonded with his sister Carly and will only be rehomed as a pair.


 Carly and Zach came into care with their litter mates when they were just 5 weeks old, they are now 6 years old.

When Carly and Zach came to us with their 3 litter mates they we were so scared of everyone and everything. I remember they would all hiss and spit when I would feed and care for them,  but in time they learnt to trust humans again.

3 of their litter mates found their forever homes and Zach and Carly's forever home never came along.
 Zach and Carly are a bonded pair and whilst Carly copes quite well away from Zach, Zach doesn't cope as well on his own. They are more often than not found sleeping together.
Zach is very affectionate and will throw himself on his back for a belly rub, he's great at head butts too but he does get very scared when people pick him up. Carly on the other hand, loves cuddles and like Zach will throw herself on her back for a good long belly rub also.
Carly will tend to go a little over board with the affection, she just cant help herself and needs to show her people just how much she loves them.

Zach suffers from constant snuffles making it hard to adopt him out and we wont separate him from Carly so she has stayed by his side the whole time.

They are happy and safe and we are more than happy to have them for as long as needed.