Will came to us as a 6 week old kitten after being surrendered to our local vet.

It was discovered that Will had a grade 5-6 Heart Murmur and no one thought he would survive his 1st year. Low and Behold nearly 8 years later I sit here writing this short story about him and he is still in our care!

Will was never adopted due to his Heart condition, his forever home just never came so he became one of Butterfly Wings Animal Rescues Sanctuary cats.

Will spends his days sleeping in the sun in the outdoor enclosure that he has access to when he he chooses to be outdoors, when hes not laying around in the sun or hanging out in one of the hammocks he is inside chilling in one of the many cats beds available to him.

Wills health had been great (apart from his heart) up until recent times. Will's immune system seems to be turning on him and causing him severe and painful reactions in his mouth. These painful reactions to food in his mouth are currently being controlled with medications. He has been a difficult case with medicating as his vet had to find something that he could have that wouldn't put his heart under stress...so far so good.

He is a big boy with a big heart, he is playful and cheeky, lovable and lazy. 

Sadly we lost Will on Friday the 13th of May 2022.

He underwent anesthetic to have a biopsy done on a lump in his mouth. It was discovered that the mass had spread into the soft palate and down and around his larnyx. After a discussion with our vet we decided to release Will of any suffering he may have be experiencing.

RIP my beautiful big boofy boy