Wendy is one of our most complex cats.

She was rescued from our local pound when she was just a kitten 6 years ago.

Wendy was very very scared and suffered from Entropian and Eye Agenesis  in both eyes. She had a couple of meet and greets which were never going to go well with her temperament. She would display her distaste in any possible future families by hissing, spitting and running away to hide....not much has changed.

Even today after 6 years the only way her carer can touch her is a quick pat whilst she is eating, then she runs to safety.

Wendy had surgery on her eyes some years ago when the Entropian and Eye Agenesis became that bad she was at risk of losing her sight. Her Vet Dr Don removed a section of the corners of her mouth and made new eye lids for her which save her eye sight. 

Photo is of Wendy before her eye surgery