Sylvie came to us 7 years ago heavily pregnant with her last litter of kittens.

She had 7 babies and fostered another 3, she was such a good mum!

All her babies were adopted and Sylvie remained in our care. Sylvie had been a street cat and was a little skitzy so no one showed interest in her. 

2019 a lump under her front arm was discovered, removed and sent off for testing. The results came back as an aggressive form of Cancer, one that we were told would return in other lymph nodes or her lungs with a life expectancy of 12 months...2 years later and *touch wood* no more signs of Cancer but we know our time with her is limited. 

Until her time comes she will remain in care with Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue where she is loved and spoilt by her carers.