Percy is our most recent rescue. 

He was surrendered to Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue after a marriage breakdown in his family.

Percy is a badly bred French Bulldog, he has Hydrochephalus (fluid on the brain) an enlarged heart as well as Calcification, malformation, twisted, fused spine with Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Percy is the perfect example of bad breeding. At least one of his parents if not both would also suffer from the same issues as well as other puppies that have been born to the same parents. Percys owner paid thousands of $$ for him only for him to live a very short and painful life.

He will celebrate his 1st birthday on the 10th of Feb 2022 and will be lucky to make it to his 2nd.

Percy is under specialist care to help with the symptoms of his conditions. He is on pain medication for his back and currently receiving Acupuncture and laser therapy to help with his spine as well. He will remain in palliative care with BWAR and will be spoilt rotten until his time.