Amy has been in care since she was just 5 weeks old, she is now 7 years.

During Amy's time in care she was adopted out twice but sadly returned both times as she did not cope with the change and withdrew both times. It was decided then that she would remain in care at Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue for as long as she wanted.

Amy is a very shy girl who fears strangers which made it hard for anyone coming to meet her. Unfortunately most people looking to adopt a cat want a cat that will interact with them at a meet.
Amy is super gentle and affectionate, she does not have a mean bone in her body. She gets along well with the other cats and the dogs and is no trouble at all.

Amy is always kept safe inside with access to the outdoor enclosure, she really likes to lay in the hammocks in the sun or in the grass under the logs but  can also be found snuggled up on a bed inside with one of her foster mates.