Adopting a pet from BWAR

All our cats are available for adoption for an adoption fee. The adoption fee covers some of the costs spent while the cat is in care with us.

Each cat is in foster care until adoption, this also helps us make an accurate observation on what each kitty's personality is and the best home for them.

Our adoption process consists of:

1. Contact us via email or phone for more information on the cat your are interested in.

2. Fill out our adoption application. When submitted it will be sent to us to review.

3. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you and let you know if you are successful or not. Remember, we may say you are unsuccessful for that particular cat as it may not be suited to your home, in which case we will suggest others that may interest you.

4. If successful, a meet will be organised between you, your family and the cat.

5. If the meet is successful we can go one of two ways:
All remaining vetwork will be done and a time will be organised to bring the cat to you. A holding fee of $75 will be required. Upon drop off a adoption agreement and Change of Ownership will be filled out by yourself and the remaining adoption fee will be collected.
If all vetwork is already completed you can take the cat home at the time of the meet, the adoption agreement will need to be filled out and the entire adoption fee will be collected. We will then organise a time to come out to your house to visit the cat and to finish finalising all paperwork.

There is a 2-4 week trial period with all our adoptions. This is to give the cat time to settle in and show its true personality to its new family. It also gives you a chance to see if the cat is really what you are after. If the trial is unsuccessful, we will pick up the cat and issue a full refund. If the trial is successful we will finalise the adoption according to point 5.

Under NO circumstances will a cat be adopted out undesexed, not microchipped or not vaccinated.
ALL our cats have ALL their vetwork completed before being adopted.
It is illegal for us to adopt any animal to anyone under 18 years of age.
We will also not adopt out any pet as a "gift". If you wish to adopt a cat for someone, that someone will need to be the person to apply, meet and pick the cat.
We give ongoing support during the adoption process and offer our support for the rest of the cats life.

We do not make any ‘profit’ on our rescue animals and, in most cases, the adoption fee doesn’t even cover our basic costs. All money raised through the adoption of our rescues goes straight back into our rescue work.

All Cats/Kittens:
The adoption fee includes:
1st F4 Vaccination
​FeLV and FIV tested
Flea and worm treatment