About us and how we got our name

Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue was first started by a Mum and Daughter team back in November 2010.

Jaimi-Lee and mum Sue-Anne started the rescue with a vision to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many pets as they could. It soon became apparent that the problem was bigger than they could handle on their own and starting advertising for foster carers and volunteers to assist in the running of the rescue.

It was not long before BWAR had a team of 24 foster carers and a committee of 7. The rescue was taking in and rehoming 100 to 120 cats, rabbits and the odd dog every year.

           How we got our name

Meet my girl Demeter (also known as Demi).

Demi is my first dog. She is a purebred Papillon and my baby girl. Papillon means 'butterfly' in french and if you look closely enough you can see each Papillon is bred to have the signature fringed ears with the white blaze down their forehead. This is to resemble a butterfly's wings. 

I wanted a unique name, one not to be confused with any other rescue, something special for my girl. 
We now have Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue. Dedicated to giving every abandoned and surrendered pet a forever home where they will forever be cherished and loved.