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Pets looking for homes



Oh Timothy, what a handsome boy you are. Would you agree?
Timothy is looking for his forever home!
He is a strapping young man who has a lot of love to give, he gives the best cuddles in bed at night, the very best of leg rubs too.
But even with all this affection he has to give he requires an experienced cat slave.
You see there is another side to this boy and if you are not able to read his body language and pick up on his signals then he is likely to give you a quick bite!
If your like me and love a cat with personality then Timothy could be one for you.
I considered not putting this boy up for adoption as I love his personality but sadly I can't keep them all.
He's very smart and picks things up quickly. Since being with me his biting has reduced greatly and I can only see further improvement with the right person, he is learning manners around his humans food time and has learnt to live with other cats peacefully. I'm so very proud of his progress so far and believe he is now ready to go to the right home.
Timothy is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. He has been tested for FIV and FeLV and he is FIV positive.
Located in the Mt Druitt area.
If you'd like to more about this sweet boy please shoot us a message.
















Check out our boy Toby.
Give him the "ok" and you'll find him up on your shoulders in no time!
He has manners and won't sit on everyone's shoulders unless he's told it's OK for him to do so.
A great neck warmer for the cooler months.
This boy is a true love bug, he may be 10 years young but you would never know it.
Toby is still waiting for his forever home.
He's easy going, gets along well with other cats and dogs too.
Due to his colouring he would need to be an indoor cat only.
He is desexed, vaccinated, Micro chipped, FIV and FeLV negative.
Currently located in the Mt Druitt area
If your interested to know more about Toby shoot us a message.



Whiskers is a lovable male cat who loves people and all kinds of other animals. He's extremely affectionate and extremely loving, always seeking out cuddles and purring away when he gets them. He loves spending time with his people, curling up beside them or even in their laps for maximum cuddle time.

Whiskers also has a streak of independence about him, preferring to explore on his own sometimes and take naps where ever he likes. But once he's done exploring he'll come running back to you looking for love and attention. He gets along well with both cats and dogs alike, making him the perfect companion for any home looking to add an extra furry family member.

Whiskers is desexed, vaccinated and micro chipped.

He is currently living in the Mt Druitt area

If you would like to know more about this handsome boy then please shoot us a message

All the animals in this section are our Long Term fosters. They have been deemed unrehomeable by society for one reason or another. Your donation will help us to provide them with the standard of care they so deserve.


 Amy has been in care since she was just 5 weeks old, she is now 7 years.

During Amy's time in care she was adopted out twice but sadly returned both times as she did not cope with the change and withdrew both times. It was decided then that she would remain in care at Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue for as long as she wanted.

Amy is a very shy girl who fears strangers which made it hard for anyone coming to meet her. Unfortunately most people looking to adopt a cat want a cat that will interact with them at a meet.
Amy is super gentle and affectionate, she does not have a mean bone in her body. She gets along well with the other cats and the dogs and is no trouble at all.

Amy is always kept safe inside with access to the outdoor enclosure, she really likes to lay in the hammocks in the sun or in the grass under the logs but  can also be found snuggled up on a bed inside with one of her foster mates.


Dimity has been with Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue since she was a kitten, she is now 5 years old.

Dimity is a beautiful affectionate little girl who gets along with everyone. She's so laid back and easy going once she feels comfortable in her environment. But she needs time to feel comfortable, something people don't seem to have for her.

She was adopted once, 4 years ago. on her first night in her new home, terrified with the change of homes she escaped through the bathroom window and went on the run for 5 days before we found and trapped her. Dimity was then returned back to us where she has been ever since.

Dim has never had an interest since.


Fate is another who came  to us 8 years ago as a hissy, spitty very scared little kitten, not much has changed.

Fate is still a very scared little girl and whilst she only hisses at you these days she does not deal well with meeting strangers and hides, this makes her meet and greets almost impossible. 

She is a very pretty little girl but a little girl with a big attitude. 


About Flicka

Flicka is a gentle sweet boy that has nothing but love to give to his humans. He gets along well with other cats and dogs.
Flicka has tested negative to FeLV and FIV. He is desexed, vaccinated and micro chipped. All parasite treatments are up to date.

Medical notes

Flicka has Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis of the spine. His spine looks like the track off a roller coaster ride.
His spine rises and dips and twists but does NOT slow him down in anyway! His legs are shorter than normal and his neck is a little shorter but oh my this boy has so much love to give..



Can you believe that Kenzi has been with Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue for 6 years and she has never had anyone show interest in her!  She a pretty little thing but super shy. Kenzi is a sweet and affectionate girl, she's the one who sits at the back and watches to ensure its ok to come forward for a cuddle.
Once she is sure of you and her surroundings she is more than happy to soak up all the loving you have to offer.


Olivia has come along way since we took her in all those years ago.

Nearly 7 years ago Olivia was found with her brother Jude, they were just babies at 6 weeks old. Jude found his family almost straight away.
You see Olivia was very scared when I first started looking after her but she has learnt that she does not need to be fearful all the time now.
She still finds it hard to be confident around strangers and needs time to feel comfortable with you but if your patient with her it wont take long before she is calling out for your affection and wanting to show hers.
Because Olivia was so shy with strangers at any meet and greets she had they did not go well and she has remained in care with Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue.



Sylvie came to us 7 years ago heavily pregnant with her last litter of kittens.

She had 7 babies and fostered another 3, she was such a good mum!

All her babies were adopted and Sylvie remained in our care. Sylvie had been a street cat and was a little skitzy so no one showed interest in her. 

2019 a lump under her front arm was discovered, removed and sent off for testing. The results came back as an aggressive form of Cancer, one that we were told would return in other lymph nodes or her lungs with a life expectancy of 12 months...2 years later and *touch wood* no more signs of Cancer but we know our time with her is limited. 

Until her time comes she will remain in care with Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue where she is loved and spoilt by her carers.


Wendy is one of our most complex cats.

She was rescued from our local pound when she was just a kitten 6 years ago.

Wendy was very very scared and suffered from Entropian and Eye Agenesis  in both eyes. She had a couple of meet and greets which were never going to go well with her temperament. She would display her distaste in any possible future families by hissing, spitting and running away to hide....not much has changed.

Even today after 6 years the only way her carer can touch her is a quick pat whilst she is eating, then she runs to safety.

Wendy had surgery on her eyes some years ago when the Entropian and Eye Agenesis became that bad she was at risk of losing her sight. Her Vet Dr Don removed a section of the corners of her mouth and made new eye lids for her which save her eye sight. 

Photo is of Wendy before her eye surgery

Zach and Carly

What a charmer Zach is!
anyone who meets this boy falls in love, he demands that you do!
a very affectionate love bug of a boy who would love to share his time with you. Hes great with other cats and dogs as well...
He is bonded with his sister Carly and will only be rehomed as a pair.


 Carly and Zach came into care with their litter mates when they were just 5 weeks old, they are now 6 years old.

When Carly and Zach came to us with their 3 litter mates they we were so scared of everyone and everything. I remember they would all hiss and spit when I would feed and care for them,  but in time they learnt to trust humans again.

3 of their litter mates found their forever homes and Zach and Carly's forever home never came along.
 Zach and Carly are a bonded pair and whilst Carly copes quite well away from Zach, Zach doesn't cope as well on his own. They are more often than not found sleeping together.
Zach is very affectionate and will throw himself on his back for a belly rub, he's great at head butts too but he does get very scared when people pick him up. Carly on the other hand, loves cuddles and like Zach will throw herself on her back for a good long belly rub also.
Carly will tend to go a little over board with the affection, she just cant help herself and needs to show her people just how much she loves them.

Zach suffers from constant snuffles making it hard to adopt him out and we wont separate him from Carly so she has stayed by his side the whole time.

They are happy and safe and we are more than happy to have them for as long as needed.

Aussie Pet Wash

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Free of Palm Oil, Not tested on Animals, Vegan, No Chemicals, all natural ingredients and Australian Made.

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Sponsor a Rescue cat

Sponsoring a rescue cat ensures that we will be able to continue caring for the cats in our care whilst waiting for their forever homes.

100% of your donations to Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue go towards the care of BWAR cats in need of our help. It enables us to continue the work of saving lives.

All sponsorship money and donations over $2 are tax deductible. You set the limit.


    We often have people asking how to go about donating money to BWAR.

    If you choose to donate money to Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue you can click on the button below to make a one off donation.

    We also take donations via bank transfer.

    Bank details are

    Account Name: Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue

    BSB: 012492

    Acc Number: 279492347

    Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue is a Not for Profit registered Charity

    CFN: 22442​

    ABN: 65538449674

    All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

    And don't forget to keep sharing our page, that is also a huge help!

Our Recommendations

Our Food Suppliers

Our rescues are fed on a semi raw diet which consists of a variety of raw fresh meat, bones and offal as well as a small amount of dry food. Dry food is used as a treat not a main part of their diet.

We recommend the following suppliers for raw feeding.

We buy all our pet meat from Luddenham Pet Supplies.They offer a large range of fresh raw pet meats, offal and bones.

2825 The Northern Rd, Luddenham NSW 2745

(02) 4773 4131

Big Dog raw Barf patties for cats are a great source of a completely balanced diet. They can be bought at any pet produce store like Petbarn, Petstock etc

Raw and Fresh Pet Foods are an online store that deliver freshly made pet meats to your door. You can find them at

Our Vets

Mt Druitt Veterinary Clinic

All our rescues are vetted with the caring staff at Mt Druitt Veterinary Clinic. 
Mt Druitt Vets have been looking after our rescues for many years and we highly recommend them for all your vetting needs.
Located in Western Sydney at

1 Bulolo Drive, Whalan  NSW , they offer ample off street parking.

Appointments ONLY
Call 02 9625 9508 for clinic times

Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) are great for all your specialist needs with your pets. We have had many attend the ARH and have always been well supported and looked after.

They are a 24/7 Emergency Hospital located at

250 Parramatta Rd, Homebush

(02)9758 8666

Animal Holistic Therapies

Neil at Holistic Animal Therapies helps all our special needs rescues offering accupuncture, laser therapy and manipulation as well as holistic medications. We have had some huge success stories thanks to Neil and his holistic Treatments. 
When Western medications and treatments cant help your furpet then we highly recommend you seeing Neil at Animal Holistic Therapies.
Located in South West Sydney at Cobbity
Phone (02) 4651 1192 for an appointment 

Please support those who support us

    • "We had such a good experience with Butterfly. Both Sue-Anne and Terrie had all the time in the world to answer our questions and let us meet the available kittens. They are so passionate about helping animals. We have a resident cat, and we were worried about how to integrate a new cat. They helped every step of the way, really listening to what we were looking for and what would suit our resident cat. Highly recommend if you are looking to adopt from a rescue, especially if you have any specific concerns."

      Alison ... March 2018

    • "Over the past five years, my family and I have adopted three rescues from BWAR - Barry, Oscar (formally Olly) and Gustav (formally Ron). All three cats have the most beautiful natures and you couldn’t want more from a pet. There’s something very special about rescuing an animal and I can assure you, you won’t regret it. All you need is a little patience because like people, all animals need time. Time to get to know you, their new homes, surrounds and families".

      Devra ... April 2019

    • "Hi Sue-Anne, you know how much we love Tom. He was 5 when he came to live with us and took some time to settle in (which we expected). We netted our tiny backyard so he could go out and sun himself. After 3 weeks we let him out there and he loved it. He gradually came and sat with us on the lounge and when it’s cool he sleeps on the bed with us and our other cat. He loves our cocker spaniel. Tom grooms the spaniel’s face and gives him head rubs. He was completely settled after about 4 months. I think this was really fast. He is a loving, cuddly, funny boy who obviously was so well cared for and raised by Butterfly Wings."

      Helen....February 2022

    • "My husband and I adopted “Ally” and “Austin” now named Loki and Kirra from Butterfly Wings about 7 years ago and the adoption process was so smooth. The cats we got were exactly what we expected, adorable and hilarious. We fell so in love with our new cats that we decided to foster care through Butterfly Wings and we took on a beautiful little girl called Skyler; unfortunately she was not around long however Butterfly Wings were so supportive with our heart break by listening to us and paid to have her cremated.This rescue is personal and takes good care of their animals.Thank you for everything".

      Jessie & Adam ... February 2022

    • "I adopted Sassy (now Shadow)off you in 2016. I renamed her Shadow as she follows me everywhere. She's coming up to 9 years old this year. She has the best life bossing around me and her best friend Pippa the dog. She's not a big fan of outside but goes out for small walks on the lead. She is the most docile cat who absolutely loves her belly rubbed it's not even a trap. She's also very vocal now once she found her voice she used to squeak at me in the beginning. I'm pretty confident she's loved the last 6 years of leisure getting pampered and patted whenever she demands it. Thanks so much for allowing me to adopt this beautiful kitty."

      Jessica.... February 2022

    • "An amazing organisation. Fabulous pre and post adoption support and such obvious love for all the babies in their care. I can't recommend them highly enough."

      Anna 2017

    • "Such an amazing organisation, so focused on the animals as well as the families adopting them. Full of warmth and support - can't recommend enough :)"

      Jacqueline 2016

    • "Fantastic bunch of people. My partner and i adopted two awesome cats from here and they are doing fantastic. Couldn't be happier!"

      Adam 2014

    • "An awesome bunch of people who do such great work with the fur-babies"

      Suzi 2016

    • "Adopted my furbaby Riley from these guys and it was the best decision ever made. Riley has fit well into our family and runs the house! I wouldn't have it any other way. Adoption was the most rewarding option!!

      Amanda 2015

    • " These people do amazing work to help these gorgeous little kittens and puppies get a second chance.

      Corinne 2015

    • "The best rescue I've ever come across, support from start to finish, so much knowledge and love! Thank you for giving us the loves of our lives and for always making us feel like we can ask any question at any time The groves!"

      Adrianna ... November 2016

    • "Fantastic. Very helpful and patience with the whole adoption process


      Tanya 2014

    • "Great people & great cause."

      Cassandra 2014

    • "Great page. So many positives about Butterfly Wings

      Danah 2014

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